Proudly Serving San Diego County since 2000.

Mobile Detail San Diego

We promise to deliver the finest, friendliest, most dependable service money can buy at a reasonable price. Our work will outlast the work of the 'discount guys,' therefore we are a much better value, and you will save money by choosing us over the 'discount guys' because of the durability of our workmanship. We will give you important after care instructions so you'll know how to clean your own vehicle or boat properly. We want your vehicle to look it's best for as long as possible, as you'll be more likely to call us in the future, and feel happy and confident to pass us on to friends and family.

We specialize in, and are true experts with black, red and other dark colored vehicles, as well as the big, tough jobs that most of our competitors can't or won't do; RVs, boats and even aircraft. We are quite experienced in cleaning engines and engine compartments in cars, trucks, boats and RVs, and doing it as environmentally safe and clean as possible. We do it ALL, and we come to YOU!

Lee has been detaling my Tahoe for almost 2 years now and he does amazing work. My truck looks showroom ready everytime. When ever I need to add something to my truck like window tint on my windows or a replacement windshield, he is always there to help me out and I get the best price. - Jay - Chula Vista, CA

No matter what we are doing to your car, truck, boat, RV, or trailer, the techniques we use are what helps us stay ahead of the 'other guys.' I have quite simply developed ways to do a 'good job, fast' to do it quicker and at the same time more thorough than anyone else that I am aware of; even something as basic as a car wash. We'll wash your vehicle from the top down, removing dirt, bugs, and road film. Excessive tar, pollution, industrial fallout, hard water spots, oxidation, and overspray are removed at a reasonable extra cost.